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 You  may not know this man with the hat. His name is Paul Yandell and was Chet Atkins  partener for over 30 years traveling all over the world. As you can see,  he has our Sta-Tuned Bigsby system installed on his guitar. He also  sent me an email saying that if Chet were still here, that he would have  the Sta-Tuned system on his guitars also. 

He has since gone to play some more with Mr. Atkins


 Hello Reynald, 

I have been using the sta-tuned device that you most generously gave to me for several years, and it keeps my guitar in tune with very little need for adjustment. Nothing else I tried work nearly as well. I would like to buy several more for Bigsby style guitars. A couple of friends want one also. Do you have some for sale? I am currently in Nashville at the Chet Atkins convention with a Gretsch I fitted with a Schaller bridge to adjust the intonation plus the Sta-Tuned, and once again it greatly improved the tuning stability of the guitar. I played last night with Tommy Emmanuel and Stuart Duncan on violin-he is with Diana Krall the jazz singer & pianist. I know you had some health problems, and I hope you are doing well now. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Jim Nichols  

On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 2:17 PM, Jack Burrus <jtburrus@gmail.com> wrote: 

Your String-Lock is brilliant! My Les Paul stays in tune awesomely as I play hard with lots of string bends. It's been great to have one less thing to deal with when playing live.  

Jack Burrus  

  Dear Reynald, 

Just had to let you know how thrilled I am with the String Lock. Used it at my gig tonight and did not have to touch the tuners once! Unbelievable. Amazing product, everybody should have one.   Thank You,  Joe Macaluso Mattapoiestt, MA

  Hi Reynald, 

All 4 units arrived safely today, thanks so much for finding and sending them, and also for inventing and making them! Do you think you would ever go back into production, or do you have to make a huge number of them to make it worthwhile? Take care of yourself, and thanks again. Best wishes, 

Jim  Nichols


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